Who Else is Ready for Halloween?

Ouija Can You Hear Me!?

Well I’m not going to lie, I knew this week’s cool weather would inspire fall socks, sweaters, and pillows to creep out of the dark corners of my apartment, but I didn’t realize how much this breeze would make me DREAD the upcoming heat which Chicago has planned for us this weekend.

A friend text’d me earlier asking where Summer went. Meh, I couldn’t care less! Bring on the bonfires, spooky decorations, and bubble baths, I say… And the Garlic bread! But, let’s be real, garlic bread is a four-season delight.

Plus, fall is my favorite season to decorate for, and DIY Halloween crafts are sooo fun to make. A couple of years ago, I made the Ouija board (pictured) and I’m feeling the itch to make another one soon. Maybe I’ll make a dog-themed Ouija board so Abe can say Sup to his ancestors 🙂

Time to go dream of delicious the cider & donuts from Boggio’s Apple Orchard back home in Granville, IL



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2 thoughts on “Who Else is Ready for Halloween?

  1. *raises hand*

    I’m SO ready for da ‘Ween. You should help me Fall/’Ween decorate my place if you fancy…even digitally if not in person is possible.

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    1. Brad, I’m already decorated for Halloween inside my apartment! Those who know think I’m crazy, but I care not. Give it a week and my yard will be decked out with all sorts of spooks. Go to dollar tree, all of their Halloween signs are a buck and super cute! Down to help 🙂

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